We help you to learn basic computer skills from the beginning…

Don’t know where to start? We cover everything one-by-one from BRO to PRO!

Computer Basics

Introduction to computers, computer history and generations, operating systems, basic software functions, etc.

Office Software Skills

Office software packages, word processing, multimedia presentation, spreadsheets, etc.

Keyboard Skills

What is a keyboard, keyboard history, types of keyboards, keyboard functions, touch typing basics, etc.

Internet Skills

Connecting internet, web browsers, search engines, downloading and uploading files, etc.

Mouse Skills

Introduction to mouse, why mouse is so popular, mouse history, basic mouse operations, mouse training, etc.

Email Skills

Creating an email account, sending emails, cc & bcc, basic email account settings, email client apps, etc.

Skills for Using Devices

understanding input & output devices, using usb drives, printing documents, playing cd/dvd disks, etc.

Multimedia Skills

Types of multimedia, using and editing pictures, playing audio and video files, understanding multimedia apps.