Wonderful Windows Quick Keys

20 Wonderful Universal Windows Quick Keys. Number 16 is Absolutely Stunning.

I think you already know how Windows quick keys help you to make things done easily with a computer. However: do you believe that if I said “you can use some Windows quick keys across almost any application without any limitation”?

These types of keyboard shortcuts are called as universal quick keys, aka universal keyboard shortcuts. In this post you will learn [and practice if you like] some universal Windows quick keys.

Before start:

In this post, we’ll learn 20 most used universal quick keys under three categories. Did I mention number 16 among them is absolutely stunning?

One-finger quick keys.

Two-finger quick keys.

Special quick keys.

Let’s start our journey of universal Windows quick keys.

Did you know?
Using quick keys is also an essential skill to learn any new software quickly

One-finger universal Windows quick keys

01. F1 – Open built-in help window [if available] or web based help system of an any application.

02. Windows Key – Open the start menu. Do you know you can use this key to open the start menu even in Linux operating system too?

03. Enter – Execute an any command. for instances, open a file/folder, apply effect(s) in photoshop, create a new paragraph, execute the default action in a dialog box, etc…

04. Arrow keys – Move around an application window.

05. DELETE – Move a file/folder to the recycle bin or remove an object of working area in any application.

06. ESC – Stop or leave the current task, close an opened dialog box.

Two-finger universal quick keys

07. ALT + F4 – Close the active application window. This keyboard shortcut is OS independent.

08. CTRL + A – Select all items in a document or window.

09. CTRL + C, CTRL + X and CTRL + V – copy or cut and then paste the selected item(s)

10. CTRL + S – Save the current working file.

11. CTRL + N – Create a new/blank window of the active application.

12. CTRL + P – Take a printout of your work.

13. SHIFT + DELETE – Delete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin.

14. Windows Key + D – Cycle minimize and restore all applications together to show and hide the desktop.

15. CTRL + TAB – Move forward through tabs of the active dialog box.

16. CTRL + Z and CTRL + Y – Undo the last action and redo the undone actions (the reverse gear of Undo.)

We’re humans, so we made mistakes accidentally. That’s why Undoing and Redoing is very important in computing. That’s why I did mention that number 16 is absolutely stunning.

Special universal quick keys

17. CTRL + SHIFT + TAB – Move backward through tabs of the active dialog box.

18. ALT >> Underlined letter – Execute virtually any command in any application window.

19. SHIFT + F10 – Open the right click menu (aka shortcut menu) for the selected item.

20. CTRL + Mouse scroll wheel – Zoom in and zoom out the application view.

Hongkiat has a huge list of windows quick keys reference; you can find it here.

Did I missed something? Out of hundreds of windows keyboard shortcuts it is quite difficult to filter out just 20 universal shortcuts. Therefore sometimes I’ve surely missed something.

Please, let me know what I have missed in this post by putting a comment in the comment area. A simple share is also good enough to fuel-up me to write more stuffs like this.

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