5 Tips on How to Make a Word Document Look Good

The 5 Steps Needed For Putting Make A Word Document Look Good Into Action.

Make a Word document look good is not only a special skill but also an art which should every document creator should know. In other words, creating good looking Word documents is an essential skill you must have.

Reading this post on ‘how to make a Word document look good’ will help you to be a master in creation of professional documents.

So, How to Make a Word Document Look Good?

Read all tips to know how to make a word document look good and professional.

01. Choose the Correct Page Layout

Page layout includes page size, page margins and page orientation of your document. Remember to control each and every aspect of page layout settings to make your Word document.

a. Page size and Orientation

A4 and Letter sizes are most common and widely using in most countries. Therefore try to stick with those page sizes. You can use landscape orientation if your document has large tables, charts and images. No problem at all.

b. Page margins

As a rule-of-thumb, about 40%-50% of whole page area should leave for page margins to look your document more professional. 40% for margins! Would you believe this? Indeed, set the normal page margin using MS Word and try to calculate margin/page area ratio, then you will realize that.

02. Use no More Than Two Fonts

Using many font styles within a same document makes your document ugly and fancy instead of looking professional. Therefore, use fonts sparingly. Stick with one or two maximum fonts.

As my personal point of view, Times new roman, Arial, Calibri and Cambria are the best font styles for professional looking documents. What are yours?

03. Choose the Correct Letter Sizes

Remember! you are creating a professional word document. Therefore, you SHOULD avoid using bigger and smaller letter sizes. I suggest to use 12 for paragraphs, 13 for sub headings and 14 for top level headings.

04. Pay Attention on Basic Text and Paragraph Formatting

Text and paragraph formatting should be simple and easy on reader’s eyes. Here are some suggestions.

  • Left align paragraphs
  • 1.15 to 1.5 line spacing within a paragraph
  • Don’t use underline and italic together
  • Maintain white space – space between paragraphs
  • No fancy borders and decorations

05. Use Tables, Charts and Images whenever Needed

You can use tables, charts and images to summarize and make clear picture of the information in the document. So, don’t hesitate to use them whenever needed but don’t over use of them.

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Did I miss something? What other tips and trick you are using already? Let us know in the comment, I will add them too into this post

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