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5 Tips for a Better Search the Web with Google

Without a doubt, Google is the most popular web search engine in the universe. We all use Google search engine at least once a day to find some ‘stuff’ online. But only few people among us know how to perform a better search the web with Google. That’s why I wrote this article to explain, how to search the web with Google like a pro.

How to Search the Web with Google Search Engine

These five tips will definitely help you to give a fast and accurate search the web with Google search engine.

01. Narrow Down Your Search

Newer use general terms for a Google search; Always try to use more specific keywords. For instance, think you are going to give a dog as a birthday gift to your grandpa, and you need to find a suitable dog breed for him. In that case, instead of searching for ‘dog breeds’, ‘dog breeds suitable for seniors’ would be give more accurate results.

Remember, you can further narrow down your search by adding new words to your search. Here is an example,

  • dog breeds
  • dog breeds suitable for seniors
  • american dog breeds suitable for seniors
  • american dog breeds suitable for seniors in india

02. Set Your Region

Google search gives more accurate local and regional search results if you have set the region where you live. Go to Google Search settings page and scroll down to the bottom to find the Region Settings.

5 Tips for a Better Search the Web with Google

03. Sign-in to Google

When signed in, you can receive more relevant results and recommendations based on your previous search activity because Google saves your search activity in your own Google Account.

You can sign in to Google if you already have a Google account; Or create a new Google account to start getting more relevant search results.

04. Browse Results by Content Types

In a Google search results page, you can see number of content types just below the search term input field. Try them all and see what happens. You’ll able to browse search results by content type and receive more relevant results and recommendations.

05. Use Search Filter Tools

You can also use search tools to filter the search results. This tools gives you even better results and recommendations. By default, filter tools are hidden in the search results however you can reveal them by clicking on the Tools button.

05+1. (Bonus Tip) Use Search Operators

Google’s advanced search operators are a kind of result filters which you can use within the Google search bar itself. They are easy to use and remember yet more powerful than other filter methods discussed above.

For instance, If you want to find some pdf documents written about a specific topic, you can type filetype:pdf search operator just after the search keyword. Here is a live example.

Another example, use site: operator to limit search results to a specific website or domain. Here is a live example which shows results about ‘dog breeds’ from the website only.

For your reference: Read this post for the complete list of Google search operators.

Got Something about Search the Web with Google?

So, why don’t you try them? Don’t hesitate to try some Googling with the help of these tips. Monsters will not bite you bro! Share your experience with us in a comment.

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