How to Create a Strong Password

5 Tips on How to Create a Strong Password

‘How to create a strong password?’ Each and every internet user has faced this question at least once in their life. Because a strong password is the key of security of all online accounts, you should read this post to learn how to create a strong password.

How to Create a Strong Password?

01. Don’t Mix Passwords with Your Personal Life

This is the biggest mistake made by almost all newbies in computing. They tend to use their birthday, identity card number, anniversaries, pets’ names, vehicle number and many other things which are directly connected with their personal life.

If you are a one of them, just remember your password can easily guess by anyone who know well about you. Therefore, replace your passwords with new ones.

02. Don’t Use the Same Password Across all Online Accounts

You may think that having a same password to all online accounts make easy to remember password. Yes indeed! But newer forget about hackers, and hijackers, they can too!

So please keep this rule-of-thumb in mind – ONE ACCOUNT – ONE PASSWORD.

03. Use a Mix of Different Character Types.

Create a strong password with the help of different character types. If you need to create a strong password, is should contain at least,

  • a lowercase character
  • an uppercase character
  • a number (0 to 9)
  • a special character (like, [ ] / > < ^ @ #)

04. Password Length

When creating online accounts, most of the websites suggest to use at least 8 characters to your password. But if you can, use a 16 characters long password. Because it creates a even more secure and strength password.

05. Check Your Password with a Strength Checker

Once created a good strong password, it is a good habit checking your password with a password strength checker.

05+1. (Bonus Tip) Use a Password Generator

The main reason for using the same password by internet users across all online accounts is the difficulty of remembering hundreds of passwords. Instead, use a password manager to store all passwords and remember only one master password. This makes your online life more secure and happier.

LetPass is a good online password manager. You can check this out here. Also you can download KeePass, a install-able offline password manager at here.

Final Words!

Hope you enjoyed and got something from this post to create and use secure and strong passwords. Please let us in the comments.

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