5 Tips on How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop

5 Tips on How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop

Battery life of a laptop is a big issue for most of the laptop users. Especially when you’re using your laptop in an airport, in a coffee shop, in a railway station, or anywhere outside your home and office. That’s why most people ask ‘how to increase battery life of laptop?’

These five simple tips may help you to increase battery life of your laptop and continue your work anywhere for longer time.

So, How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop?

01. Fully Charge Laptop Battery Before You Go Out

A fully charged laptop is a happy laptop. So, why you don’t give a full charge to your laptop battery before going out? This is the first thing you have to do above everything.

02. Reduce Screen Brightness

Laptop screen consumes more battery when it is brighter. So try to decrease screen brightness to save battery. If you are using Windows 10, open notification center and click on screen brightness indicator to change the brightness of your laptop’s screen. See the following demo.

How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop

03. Disable Background Apps

Background apps works silently hiding in the system but consumes considerable amount of battery power. Therefore, disabling background apps really helps to increase battery life.

How to disable background apps?

Open Windows 10 settings and follow System > Battery saver and click on the Battery use link.

How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop

In the BATTERY USE settings window, click on the Change background app settings link. There you will see the list of apps that can run in the background. You can turn off these apps to save battery power.

04. Disable Animations and Visual Effects

Window Animations and special visual effects on Windows 10 desktop takes considerable amount of battery power of your computer. So disabling animations and visual effects will release battery power resulting a longer battery use.

How to disable Animations?

Right click on File explorer in start menu then select Properties. System Properties window will now open. In the window, You can find a link called Advanced system settings, click that link.

The System properties dialog box will open. Make sure the Advanced tab is open. Click on the Settings… button on the Performance section to open the Performance options dialog box.

Here you can disable all animations and visual effects by selecting Adjust for best performance option or by disabling them one by one.

This tip is also a part of 5 Tips on How to Make Windows 10 Run Faster article. Read that too!

05. Close All Applications You don’t Use

Once you finished the work on an application, just remember to close it. Otherwise, it uses your battery in the background and ended up all of your works.

05+1. (A Bonus Tip) Keep Your Laptop on a Flat Surface

Image credit: http://electronicsproductionworld.com/northern-ireland/how-to-clean-air-vents-in-laptop.php

Cooling vents on the bottom of the laptop are there for a reason. Cooling vents help to release heat generated while working on the laptop.

Newer keep you laptop on a pillow or spongy surface while working as it blocks cooling vents. When the cooling vents has blocked, cooling fan is trying to work harder to release excess heat generated by internal gadgets. This process will drain the battery power even more faster.

Final Words on “5 Tips on How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop”,

Laptop battery plays an important role in mobile computing with a laptop because your works is completely depends on the battery power. This post tried to give you some tips and trick to extend your laptop’s battery life to do more with a single charge.

So what about the tips? Was it helped a lot? Just say your experiences in the comments section. A simple share is also a good help to me to write even more tips like this!

Featured Image Credit: https://www.pcmag.com/roundup/294447/the-best-battery-life-laptops

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