How to Optimize Google Chrome

5 Tips on How to Make Chrome Run Faster

You can make chrome run faster to get the maximum from it. But how to make chrome run faster? This post explains how.

Without a doubt, Chrome, the Google’s web browser is the most popular web browser in the universe. Not only it has released by Google, but its user friendliness also helped Google Chrome to stay on top of the browser battle for more than five years.

So, How to Make Chrome Run Faster?

01. Have Limited Opening Tabs

Having opening many tabs is the main reason to slowing down Google Chrome. Therefore, limit the number of opening tabs in the window. IMHO, keep no more than three tabs open per session.

02. Disable Rarely Used Extensions

Browser extensions are the piece of programs which extends the functionality of Google Chrome. But having too many extensions installed (and enabled) make Chrome getting worse.

To speed up Chrome it’s recommended to disable some extensions. Here is how to disable Chrome extensions,

  1. Click on vertical three dot menu and follow More tools > Extensions menu path.
  2. This will opens installed extension in a new tab.
  3. Use the highlighted sliding switch to enable/disable unwanted extension(s)
How to Make Chrome Run Faster

03. Clear Browsing Data

Browsing data of Google Chrome is filled with ‘stuff’ as you browsing more and more of the internet. As a result, the browser slows down and browsing experience is getting even worse.

To overcome this issue, I recommend you to clear browsing data at least once a week. Here is how to clear browsing data,

  1. Click on the vertical three dot menu and choose Settings.
  2. Under the Advanced section, click on the Privacy and security group.
  3. Here you can find the option named, Clear browsing data. Click on it.
  4. Check all that you want to clear then click on the Clear data button to clear browsing data.
How to Make Chrome Run Faster

You can access even more clearing options by entering the Advanced tab.

04. Use Some Helpful Extensions

While extensions slow down your browsing experience, some extensions can speed up Google Chrome and enhance your browsing. Here is only two of them.

a. The Great Suspender

This extension is perfect if you have a lot of tabs open at the same time. Tabs that have not been viewed after a configurable length of time will be automatically suspended in the background. Add this extension to Chrome now.

b. Save-Data: on

Automatically enable data-savings mode at compatible websites. Add this extension to Chrome now.

05. Reset Google Chrome

Another good option to make Chrome run faster is resetting Google Chrome to its fresh status. By resetting Chrome, clears all browsing data and reverts all settings to its default values.

Here is how to reset Google Chrome,

How to Make Chrome Run Faster
  1. Enter the Advanced settings and find Reset and clean up option.
  2. Then click on the Restore settings to their original defaults option.
  3. Click on the Reset settings button to reset Chrome.

Read on and Ready to Make Chrome Run Faster?

Then congrats! Try them all, no need to be afraid because no monsters will bite you! Tell us your experience in browsing speed after applying these tweaks.

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