5 Tips to Make Windows 10 Desktop Looks Elegant

Want to make Windows 10 desktop looks elegant? Windows 10 desktop is the front door to all Windows 10 features and apps. Keeping the desktop clean and elegant makes easy to work and deal with it.

It reduces the stress on eyes & mind, keeps you calm and above all, it saves your valuable time. In order to make Windows 10 desktop looks elegant, Follow these five simple tips.

Follow These Tips to Make Windows 10 Desktop Looks Elegant

01. Choose an Elegant Wallpaper

Having a lots of bright colors and heavy graphics in your wallpaper image makes your eyes and mind stressful and tired. So, choose a simple and calm picture as the desktop wallpaper.

Whichever desktop wallpaper you choose, make sure you can find desktop shortcuts, files and folders easily on your chosen wallpaper.

Trick: pay attention on wallpapers with natural environment objects like sky, sea, river, forest, and so on…

Give a Google search for free desktop backgrounds, you’ll find a thousands of awesome free images.

02. Remove Unused Desktop Shortcuts, Files and Folders.

Some peoples think having many files, folders and shortcuts on the desktop makes easy to use them. Surely it’s not. For instance, take a look at below.

Make Windows 10 Desktop Looks Elegant
Image credit: https://www.howtogeek.com/362241/how-to-organize-your-messy-windows-desktop-and-keep-it-that-way/

Remove all unwanted and unused items from the desktop. Keep most frequently used item only. It helps you to find stuff quickly and easily.

03. Organize Desktop Items Smarter Way

03.1. Choose a suitable icon size

There are three sizes for desktop icons. Try all these three sizes and choose the best icon size which suite you.

03.2. Sort Icons

The order of sorting desktop items is completely up to you. There are four sorting methods available. Try them all and choose the best option.

03.3. Make sure ‘Auto arrange icons’ option is enabled

You can create a new file or folder anywhere on the desktop. But, what happens when items you create has scattered everywhere on the desktop like below.

Make Windows 10 Desktop Looks Elegant
Image Credit: https://www.pcworld.com/article/2110003/the-pros-and-cons-mostly-cons-of-saving-files-to-the-desktop.html

To sort new items automatically on the desktop, make sure ‘Auto arrange icons’ option form the right click menu has enabled.

04. Pin Only Frequently Used Apps to the Taskbar

Instead of having pinned many apps, it is a good habit of pinning only frequently used apps onto the taskbar. It makes easy to find any of the pinned apps quickly and very easily.

So, remove all unused or rarely used apps from the taskbar to make Windows 10 desktop looks elegant.

05. Setup Cortana

Cortana is your personal digital assistant. In other words, She is always ready to help you whenever you are trying to do anything on your computer. She can find anything including apps, settings, files, folders in your computer locally and even on the Internet.

Be with her, she will read and understand you with the time to serve you better.

How to Setup Cortana?

To turn on Cortana,
1. click on the search bar on the taskbar,
2. then click on the gear icon,
3. finally click on the on/off switch.

Then simply follow instructions. Once the setup process is finished, Cortana is ready to serve you!

Final Words,

I’ve followed my own five tips to make my windows 10 desktop looks elegant. Here’s how my Windows 10 desktop looks like. How about you? Can you show us? Let’s see in the comments.

Make Windows 10 Desktop Looks Elegant
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