A Quick Tour Around the Windows Desktop

Windows 10 restores the desktop to its traditional importance. The desktop is once again your only home base, your single starting point. It’s the view that greets you when the computer turns on, and it offers all the tools you need to manage and organize your files.

This interactive screenshot will help you to identify the parts of a Windows 10 desktop.

You can, and should, make the desktop look like whatever you want. You can change its background picture or color scheme; you can make the text larger; you can clutter up the whole thing with icons you use a lot. We’ll discuss them in a later chapter in this course.

Let’s learn more about different parts of the Windows 10 desktop.

01. The Start Button

The start button of Windows 10 is decorated with Windows 10 logo icon icon. You can open the start menu by clicking on the start button. Start menu is the entry point to all apps, windows tools, settings, files, folder, and almost everything.

Windows 10 start menu
Windows 10 start menu

02. Search Bar

Just click on the search box and type anything you wish, Windows 10 will give you the most relevant result for your search query. It can search for local files, folders, music, video, documents and if you are connected it will absorb stuff from the internet too.

Windows 10 search bar
Windows 10 search bar in action

03. Task View Button

Indeed, you can see only one desktop on Windows 10. But it can handle many virtual desktops at once, but they works behind the scene. Click on the Task view button to reveal them.

Once you open the task view, you can create new virtual desktops, delete existing ones and move application windows between desktops.

04. Notification Tray

The notification tray shows icons of applications that are running in the background and provides access to Internet and sound settings.

Icons of some background apps are always showing in the notification tray while others are hidden. You can unhide them by clicking on the up arrow icon on the left of the tray.

Windows Notification tray with hidden icons
Windows Notification tray with hidden icons

05. Clock

The clock displays the current date and time. You can open the monthly calendar by clicking on the clock, there you can open calendar settings and view appointments you’ve made.

Windows 10 Clock
Windows 10 Clock

06. Action Center

Action center is the messaging and system notification hub. Any slide-out notification that you receive will be stored in this panel until you clear them.

The Action Center also provided quick access to system features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Projection.

Windows 10 action center
Windows 10 action center with system settings shortcuts and unread notifications.