Basic Computer Skills Needed for Employment

What are the Basic Computer Skills Needed for Employment

“What are the basic computer skills needed for employment?” Such a simple question huh? But the answer will be a quiet long one.

However, here I’m trying to answer this question. Let’s talk about them.

Here is a List of Basic Computer Skills Needed for Employment

01. Basic Computing Skills

Before doing anything on a computer, you SHOULD have a good knowledge on very basic computing skills. These skills includes (but not limited to),

  • How to turn on/off a computer
  • Using USB drives
  • Using cd/dvd disks
  • Printing a document
  • Opening and closing applications
  • Understanding on basic mouse actions – for examples, click, double click, click-and-drag, etc…

My personal advice is don’t waste a penny to learn these basic computing skills because plenty of free resources out there in the Internet. You can find free online lessons by googling “basic computing actions tutorial“.

02. Word Processing Skills

What is word processing actually? Is that just type something on a word processing app like MS Word and print it on a paper? Surely not!

Basic Computer Skills Needed for Employment
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Word processing is one for the most important basic computer skills needed for employment and is more than just typesetting and printing. It includes typesetting, applying formatting to text, using images & clip arts creatively, and finally take a printout of your document.

You may want to create letters, internal memos, brochures, leaflets, invitations, books, magazines, and many types of documents in your career life. Therefore having word processing skills in your resume is a great opportunity to get a job and make your career life success.

The printed output may be a professional or just a fancy one. It all depends on the requirement and your creativity. So, be creative as possible.

Recommended reading: How to make a Word Document Looks Professional

03. Spreadsheet Skills

Think for a moment, your boss has given a task to create a past few years’ sales summary report of your company. Or you had to create a summary report of monthly salary payment.

You should have ‘some’ spreadsheet skills to complete these jobs. You can use MS Excel, the most popular spreadsheet application.

Basic Computer Skills Needed for Employment
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Working with a spreadsheet application is not only just entering data into a datasheet, But also you should have a sound knowledge on using functions and charts to summarize the data.

04. Presentation Software Skills

Presenting your future plan to your boss is not a difficult task for you because, you are such a talented person with full of presentation skills.

But creating an attractive presentation using a computer to present in front of your boss is completely a different art.

You should have some skills on using a presentation software like MS PowerPoint to achieve this task.

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05. Typewriting Skills

How do you gonna type your company’s annual report using MS Word? Do use your two index fingers and picking letters one-by-one until next year’s annual report released?

Then it is better to find a new job before your boss kicks your ass and say “you are fired”!

That’s why typewriting skills important for every employer and job seeker.

What is the correct way of typing? The art and science of typewriting is called as touch typing.

Touch typing is a style of typing without looking on the keyboard.

Did you know all 10 fingers in both hands are involved in touch typing?

Initial position of fingers of two hands on the keyboard is called as home key position. Once hands are in the home key position, then fingers move forward and backward to recognize and typing letters.

Home keys position

There are hundreds of both free and paid apps to train touch typing. Although its interface is not much appealing, TIPP10 is one of the best free and open source application for touch typing.

TIPP10 – training window

06. Internet and Email Skills

With no doubt, internet and email skills are the must have basic computer skills needed for employment and job seekers.

Because we’re in the Internet of things (aka IoT) era, without knowledge on internet and email no one can success in their career life.

If you are a job seeker of an employer, there is no excuse for not having a good knowledge on the Internet and not having your own email address.

07. Social Media Skills

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account? If your answer is No, you’re outdated! Better to go few centuries back, if you can!

In some job categories like marketing and sales, it is essential your social influence.

About a couple of years ago, some interviewees have been asked, “How much your Klout score is?” Klout score was a measurement of someone’s influence on social media. If ‘his’ Klout score is high, his influence on social media is also high.

Don’t googling for Klout score because it has shut down now!

Therefore, try to be more active in social media but, remember not to waste your time on it!

08. Communication Skills

Do I need to explain how communication skills is important in the success of your career?

Using Internet tools like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, imo is the newest trend in communication. And their popularity is skyrocketing in every second.

Therefore, as a employee of a job seeker you should know how to use these tools for your communication needs.

Summarizing of Basic Computer Skills Needed for Employment

In this post we’ve discussed 08 basic computer skills needed for employment and job seekers. All of these basic computer skills are much needed by employees because we’re in the digital era. If you haven’t one of these skills, don’t wait until you get a job to learn it. Start today itself, the Internet will help you!

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