Computer Mouse – Uses of Mouse

A mouse typically controls the motion of a pointer in two dimensions in a graphical user interface (GUI). The mouse turns movements of the hand backward and forward, left and right into equivalent electronic signals that in turn are used to move the pointer.

Uses of the Computer Mouse

  • On most computers, the user can move the mouse to move the cursor in the same direction.
  • To choose something that is on the screen, the user can move the cursor to it and “click” the left mouse button.
  • The right button is used to open menus that are different depending on where the cursor is.
  • Mouse buttons can do different things, depending on the software.
  • Most mice also have the “scroll wheel” – a small wheel found between the two main mouse buttons. The user can rotate the wheel back and forth to “scroll” through things like a document, website or folder. “Scrolling” means moving the words or pictures up or down on the screen, so another part of the page comes into view.
  • In some mice the wheel can also be pressed, to click it like another button.

Mouse Actions – Ways of Operating a Mouse

Different ways of operating the mouse cause specific things to happen in the GUI.

Mouse actions - four basic ways of operating a mouse
Mouse actions – four basic ways of operating a mouse

1 Pointing – moving the mouse pointer to a specific location. Shape of mouse pointer changes depending on the pointer located on.

Mouse pointer changes its shape on different locations on the screen.

2 Click – clicking the left mouse button. This action selects the object or moves the cursor to where the mouse pointer located on.

3 Right-Click – clicking the right mouse button. This brings a menu with different options depending on the software and position of the pointer.

4 Double-Click – clicking the left mouse button two times in quick succession counts as a different gesture than two separate single clicks. This action often use to execute a command, i.e. opening a file, folder, application etc…

5 Middle-Click – clicking the middle mouse button once. Result of middle click is depends on the running application and point of action. (eg: try middle clicking and move pointer on a multi page document or big drawing canvas. this will helps you to navigate through document/canvas.)

Couldn’t find a middle button on your mouse? Try clicking the scroll wheel. Scroll wheel act as the middle mouse button in most computer mice.

6 Scrolling – rotating the middle mouse wheel forward and backward. When you are on a web page, word document, spreadsheet or on a drawing canvas, scrolling helps you to move up and down easily.

7 Click and Drag – left click on anywhere on the screen and hold the muse button while moving the pointer. You can use this action to select a region, move files and folders, select texts, move text and images within a document, and so on…