How to Secure Your Facebook Account

Five Facts You Never Knew About Secure Your Facebook Account

Make Secure Your Facebook Account and its data is a big challenge and sometimes a big headache for 90% of Facebook users. Actually, how to secure your Facebook account and protect your Facebook data from hackers and hijackers?

Don’t worry! This five simple tips explains about how to secure your Facebook account with quick and easy steps.

So, How to Secure Your Facebook Account?

01. Use a Unique and Secure Password

Unique password – Using the same password for all online account is a big mistake made by most of computer users. However, If you are a one of them, try to use a unique password at least to your Facebook account.

Secure password – A secure password is hard to guess. Therefore, always try to use a unique as well as secure password. Here is some suggestions to create a more secure and strong password.

  • Don’t mix personal life with your password – in other words, avoid use of your personal things like birthday, identity card number, anniversaries, vehicle number, your pets’ names.
  • Use a mix of different characters – use lowercase letters, uppercase letters, special characters, numbers
  • Use a password generator

02. Get Alerts About Unrecognized Logins

Facebook will alerts you about log ins from a device or browser you don’t usually use if you have activated the alert service. Here’s how to do that,

Find Setting Up Extra Security under the Security and login section of Facebook settings page. Then Click Edit button, finally activate your preferred alert methods and Save Changes.

03. Use Two-Factor Authentication

With the two-factor authentication, Facebook will ask for an additional security code if it notices a login from a new device. This security code is sent to the mobile number you given, therefore nobody can login to your Facebook account from an unusual device.

How to setup two-factor authentication

Open Facebook account settings page by clicking on the down arrow icon at the top-right corner.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account with two-factor authentication

Under Security and login, scroll down to find Two-Factor Authentication and click on Edit button or use this direct link to enter the two-factor authentication process.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account with two-factor authentication
How to Secure Your Facebook Account with two-factor authentication

Click on the Get Started button and simply follow instructions.

04. Ask Friends if You Get Locked Out

If you get locked out and could not login to your Facebook account anymore, you can ask for help from your trusted contacts. However, You can add only three to five friends from your friends list as trusted contacts.

You can ask Facebook to send a security code to your trusted contact if you can’t login to your account. Then your friends will help you.

Here is how to add trusted contacts.

  • Under Security and Login, click on Choose friends to contact if you get locked out option.
  • Here you can add three to five friends as trusted contact by clicking on Choose friends link.

05. Change Privacy Level of Posts

Whenever you create a new post on Facebook, never forget to change its privacy level. Because the privacy level of you chosen can decide who can see your post and who can’t.

How to Secure Your Facebook Account with privacy level

Here is common privacy levels of Facebook posts.

  • Public – Anyone on the Facebook can see, like, comment and share your post. Public posts are available in Google search results too.
  • Friends – Your friend can see, like and comment on. But they can’t share your post.
  • Friends except… – You can exclude some friends to see your post.
  • Specific friends – Publish a post to only a set of friends you specify.
  • Only me – I think you did get that!

Ready to Secure Your Facebook Account’?

So what’s next? Try them and see how to secure your Facebook account. Let us about how you feel it, Just put a comment. Wouldn’t you like to share this over Facebook to help your friends to secure their accounts too?

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