What Are Computers Used For

What Are Computers Used For – 5 Important Sectors You Need To Know

Computers are everywhere, in your home, office, mines, construction sites, in the space above the earth and even in your car. Let’s talk about different industries what are computers used for.

In this article, you will find almost everything on what are computers used for and how things get done using computers in there.

What Are Computers Used For?

Today, many types of computers are used in our everyday life. In most parts of the world, it’s impossible to use a product or service that doesn’t utilize a computer.

Actually, what are computers used for? Below are examples of the industries, areas, and different fields using computers.

01. Internet

What are computers used for Internet

Why the Internet at the first in this list? Is Internet possible without computers? Absolutely not! Internet is not possible without computers.

Internet is everywhere [even in cloud]. You can access the Internet from anywhere you like (but coverage matters).

Nowadays, all types of computing devices (like desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc…) are support to access the Internet.

When you asked someone “What you can do using the Internet?”, the answer may be a looooong one. Sometimes the answer may also be another question, “What you can’t do using the Internet?”


You can do A LOT OF THINGS through the Internet. None of us can create a full and complete list of possibilities of the Internet.

Here is a few things only,

  • Communication via email, voice/video calls, chat, …
  • Connect with people through social media, …
  • Find new information
  • Buy and sell goods and services (eMarketing)
  • Collaboration work among teammates
  • Database management
  • Data and information sharing
  • Keep backups
  • Find answer to your questions through forums, discussion boards, …
  • and many more things.

02. Education

What are computers used for education

With the computer invented and become more popular, computer has entered into the classroom and changed the shape of education.

Learning switched from exercise book to tablet PC. Teaching switched from traditional blackboard to smart board.

Out of the classroom, students can find new knowledge over the Internet thanks to computers.

Some modern schools, computers are used to conduct exams, to keep records about students and teachers, to make special announcements, and to manage their bell system too.

03. Medical

What are computers used for - medical

As all we know, medical sector helps us to stay healthy and live longer. Below are some examples of how computers help those in the medical field.

  • Keeping medical records of patients and transferring those records to doctors whenever necessary.
  • Monitoring patients and stay alerted.
  • To speedup medical researches.
  • Diagnosis of diseases through a database management.
  • Computer-aided surgeries – robotics

04. Defense and military

What are computers used for internet - Defence and military

Many computer related technologies like satellite, GPS and Internet help governments to enhance national defense and military activities.

Here are some examples

  • Operation of drones over enemies territories.
  • Track locations of armed forces and their vehicles using GPS.
  • Dissemination of secret messages by encryption.

05. Banking and Finance

Ask your grandpa or grandma about how banks were operated without computers during their younger ages. You will be definitely amazed with their answers.

Yes, indeed: banking and finance sector is changed suddenly within a few years thanks to the computers.

Nowadays, computers play a significant role in handling all of the world’s money. Below are examples,

  • ATMs and CDMs help you to withdraw and deposit money in 24×7 without the intervention of a human.
  • You are not dealing with real cash when using a credit card. When you are purchasing something from a store using a credit card, only a digital signal passed between bank and the merchant. This is called digital currency.
  • eMarketing, also known as online marketing.

What Are Computers Used For – Other Sectors

Below are other examples of the industries, areas, and different fields using computers.

  • Business
  • Communication
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Film industry
  • Photography
  • Agriculture/Farming
  • Multimedia
  • Robotics
  • Gaming

What are computers used for other sectors/industries? Please mention them in a comment. I’ll add them into this list. Until then read this Wikipedia article to learn even more about computers.

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