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A simple web design package exclusively planned for absolute beginners. webStarter is ideal for individuals, portfolios, bloggers, one page online resumes, starter companies and seasonal/timely events.

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A simple web design package designed for beginners. This web design package is exclusively designed for totally newbies those looking to create their own first ever mini website.

webStarter package is Ideal for,

  • Individuals or groups who looking to showcase their portfolios, skills and qualifications
  • Bloggers
  • One page online resumes
  • Fresh starter companies and institutes
  • Seasonal websites (i.e. election campaigns, sports events, etc…)

Top notch features of the webStarter package

  1. Make Up to 10 pages – We create up to 10 static pages for your website. Blog/category/tag archives, search results pages, 404 error page, and any other auto generated pages are not included. (industry average for this price is only 5 pages!)
  2. Free domain – One year free top level domain for your website
  3. Free web hosting – One year free web hosting service with 1GB storage and 50GB data transfer.
  4. Blog integration – If you would like to enable the blogging functionality for your website, we’ll create it for free.
  5. Custom logo – Still don’t have one? No worries, we’ll create a simple custom logo for your name or brand. (exclusively by us!)
  6. Social integration – We help you to integrate your (or your business’s) social profiles into your website.
  7. Mobile ready – Your website is fully responsive and readily available for mobile devices. No further customization needed.
  8. Premium WordPress themes only – Free WordPress themes suck, you know it! We use only a high quality premium WordPress theme for your website.
  9. 7 days money back guarantee – Indeed, we do. We want our customer to be satisfied. For any reason if you are not satisfied with the service provided you can ask us to for a full refund within 7 days of your purchase. EXCLUSIVELY BY US!

How do we get start creating your website?

Simply follow these steps to start creating your website.

  1. Complete the initial payment – Pay as low as Rs. 10,000 at the start. Pay the balance when we finished the work.
  2. Select a theme – Pick a theme you like and let us know via email or making a call to +94774851673.
  3. Provide page contents – You need to give some important information required to create your website
  4. Review our work – We start creating your website. You can check and will provide your ideas to improve your own website.
  5. Pay the balance – Do the final review and complete the balance payment.
  6. We wait for another 7 days – Until the warranty period expires. In this stage, you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the service.
  7. Your website is yours! – You get your WordPress and cPanel login details when the warranty period expires.

Thank you for interested in working with us! Be hurry, we can’t wait more to start working in your web project!

webStarter – Entry Level Web Design


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